The Hazards of the Job

I learned very quickly in my career that every job involves risks, and those risks are always relative. Coming out of high school I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard as a Security Forces enlisted airman. This job held some serious risks: going to war, facing threats to the base, having to lie on … Continue reading The Hazards of the Job

Growing Roots With Music

"Who am I deep down? When times get tough do I smile or do I frown? Do I lift my head up high, lift my hands up to the sky And say I'm a winner?" - Lyrics from "Tap Roots" by Karla Perretta Crammed into an extended closet space, a group of bright-eyed students are starting their … Continue reading Growing Roots With Music

LHS Journalism Class Prepares Students For a Challenging Career

Who knew the role of "media consumer" would be so difficult? First, the introduction of the 24-hour news cycle means we are bombarded with news, spin, figures, opinions and video all day. There is simply too much to take in. Now we have the looming threat of "fake news": stories that are either outright lies … Continue reading LHS Journalism Class Prepares Students For a Challenging Career