School Safety and Student Mental Health

Ask any school administrator, teacher, or parent what the top priority is for their school, and they will tell you it’s the students’ safety. This has been the case for as long as schools have been around, but the theories behind how to best accomplish this are evolving at a rapid pace. Staying on top … Continue reading School Safety and Student Mental Health

Remembering Gary Mauller

Gary Mauller wasn't born in Lancaster, but there are few people who epitomized the hard work and humility that Glass City exudes than he did. During a 47-year career with Lancaster City Schools, Mauller served as a teacher, coach, principal, athletic director and school board member, but the title he held unofficially is what seems … Continue reading Remembering Gary Mauller

A message from Superintendent Steve Wigton

Educating the youth of our community is one of the most important responsibilities of our society. It is the future of our children that are at stake, and as such, the future of our society is at stake. Receiving an education is a life changing experience which empowers people to become successful in life. Therefore, … Continue reading A message from Superintendent Steve Wigton