The Hazards of the Job

I learned very quickly in my career that every job involves risks, and those risks are always relative.

Coming out of high school I enlisted in the Ohio Air National Guard as a Security Forces enlisted airman. This job held some serious risks: going to war, facing threats to the base, having to lie on your back while rolling underneath a gas truck looking for explosive devices while in 128-degree heat, etc.

After college I spent several years working as a video producer for Baylor University and the University of South Carolina, focusing on college athletics. The risks diminished, but were still serious. I spent many nights nursing bumps and bruises from taking hits on the sidelines from NCAA athletes trying to get that perfect shot.

Now, working for Lancaster City Schools, the risks are minimal. It is without question the safest job I’ve ever had, but it doesn’t mean it’s without risks. For example, this video shows the hazards of working with 3-, 4-, and 5-year-olds at the LCS Preschool. It’s nowhere near as dangerous, but it’s also not the easiest thing in the world trying to get a good shot of a preschool classroom with dozens of kids who are only interested in your camera. Enjoy!


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