A message from Superintendent Steve Wigton


Lancaster City Schools Superintendent Steve Wigton addresses the crowd at the Medill Elementary grand opening

Educating the youth of our community is one of the most important responsibilities of our society. It is the future of our children that are at stake, and as such, the future of our society is at stake. Receiving an education is a life changing experience which empowers people to become successful in life. Therefore, it is important that we have modern facilities such as our new elementary schools because a modern educational environment is best to carry out the important work of educating our children. In 2012, as a community, you recognized that important need to provide modern elementary schools for the future of our children by passing a bond levy to fund the construction of 5 new elementary schools. Medill was the last of the 5 elementary schools to open, so our elementary construction project is now complete. Thank you for making the dream of new elementary schools become a reality for the children of Lancaster City Schools.

Fortunately, we’re not done constructing new schools for our children. Thanks to your renewal of the earned income tax in November of 2015, we will continue our district construction plan by building two new junior high schools. The junior high schools are co-funded by the Ohio Facilities Construction Commission as they will cover 45% of the cost for these buildings. And we’re proud to have the same architects who designed our elementary schools, Schorr and Legat Kingscott Architects, under contract to design our new junior high schools. These schools should be ready for the 2020-21 school year.

The final phase of our building construction plan is to replace Lancaster High School. The Ohio Facilities Construction Commission will also cover 45% of the cost for a new high school. In order to fund our portion of the cost of constructing the new high school, we will need to pass a bond levy in the next couple of years. We hope that you will continue to support our building construction plan so that all students in the Lancaster City School District are educated in modern buildings such as our new Elementary Schools.



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